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Founded in 2004, Shenzhen Macase Technology Co., Ltd. (Macase for short) is a leading emerging enterprise in the field of IPC Case manufacturing in China. It is devoted to providing IPC Cases and custom-made comprehensive solutions and manufacturing various products including 1U/2U/3U/4U IPC Cases. Meanwhile, the company’s products are widely applied in different sectors including industrial automation, communication, electricity, network safety, intelligent transportation, video surveillance, medical care, military industry/aerospace industry, self-service terminal, date storage, digital signage, car-mounted computer and 3C application etc.

As a leading and famous enterprise specialized in IPC case manufacturing and technology, Macase will always adhere to the perfect combination of outstanding quality, squareness, excellence and brilliant performance in R&D and manufacturing of every IPC Case. By virtue of continuous efforts, technological accumulation and close cooperation, our R&D team has succeeded in developing various products of their own independent patents. Meanwhile, Macase has also developed business cooperation with many companies.

In order to make Macase’s professional, hi-tech and practicable IPC Cases and advanced technologies available among more clients, Macase has established its Customer Experience Center in Huaqiangbei (core business district in Shenzhen) to bring customers at home and abroad cutting-edge techniques, products and applications. Meanwhile, its after-sales service quality and efficiency can also be improved.

IPC Cases are experiencing an unprecedented reform. While more and more application clients are focusing on custom-made purchasing in line with actual application needs rather than large-scale purchasing of standard hardware equipment, Macase is depending on its 10-year experience in IPC Case industry to fully establish its OEM/ODM Services for the sake of preparing the most suitable dedicated computer hardware platform for various customers in different sectors by means of our professional hardware manufacturing technology and processes. Therefore, we can assist our customers to reduce their development and application costs and improve their added value of products and market competitiveness.

In the future, Macase will still inherit its craftsmanship spirit of “Keep Improving”. From design to structural materials, and product R&D to manufacturing, high-quality materials will be put into service so as to guarantee the product’s high quality and good reputation. In addition, special effort will be made to perfect every detail, and a new page will thus be turned over by making full use of new technology and service.

R&D Ability

Macase will always pay great attention to technical innovation, and depend on its ability in independent innovation to establish a complete and sound R&D system. As Macase has mastered the most advanced IPC Case manufacturing technology, it will play an important role to propel the client’s development. In the meantime, the company’s R&D Team is excellent, energetic and innovative, and they can rely on their rich experience (over 10 years) to consist of a wise, strict, harmonious and modernized professional team.

Production Capacity

First-class product quality is closely related to first-class production equipment. For the sake of continuous upgrade of productivity, Macase will always enhance its excellence in this industry.

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