K339L5 industrail case

Product Feature: 

Standard 19-inch rack-mounted Design; 390mm Frame; Aluninum  double  door  design .Front-installed ON/OFF Switch; Restart Button; Power Indicator; HD Indicator and Two USB2.0 ports.

Technical Parameters:

• Model: K339L5

• Dimensions: 482(W)*390(D)*138 mm(H)

• Main Board: 7"*9.6"(170*240MM)

• Hard Disk: Eight  3.5-inch HD 

• CD-ROM: Two 

• Power Supply: ATX PSU

• Fan: Two 8025Fans

• Expansion Slot: Five Full High and Straight Slot (Riser Card is needed/Optional)

• Panel Setting: Two USB2.0; One Power Switch; One Restart Switch; One Power Indicator; One HD Indicator

• Case Material: Ma Steel flowers-free zinc plating

• Material Thickness: 1.0MM

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