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High-performance storage 9-bay 2U server chassis

  2019-08-09  Macase  

Those who are familiar with the server chassis know that industrial industrial control cabinets are widely used in numerical control, robotics, aerospace, shipbuilding, rail transit, telecommunications and other industries, and also play an important role in the intelligent era. Most of the most grounded, we all know that there will be monitoring in each high-end or ordinary community. So, the summary of many surveillance videos needs to be supported by a computer. Everyone will choose industrial computers with high-performance storage. Kens high-performance storage industrial control chassis.
Today I will introduce you to a 2U industrial control chassis K245L2.
Appearance - personality front panel
The McKenzie K245L2 is a high-quality black and white two-color oxidized brushed aluminum panel. The middle part of the panel is a black and white embossed brushed panel. The black blasting body is high-end and elegant. The basic size of the chassis is 482*450*89 (MM), and the height of 2U is the best choice for the upper cabinet.
Internal structure of the chassis
The internal space of this chassis is wide, with three hard disk shelves and a total of nine 3.5-inch hard disk positions, maximizing the storage capacity of the large 2U chassis; the maximum size of the motherboard supporting the motherboard is 9.6"*9.6"; support for horizontal installation of ATX Power supply; in terms of scalability, this chassis supports the installation of four half-height PCI expansion cards.
Excellent heat dissipation in the chassis
This chassis comes standard with three 8MM cooling fans. The front panel adopts a hidden air inlet. The oblique air is used to effectively prevent dust. The heat dissipation channel is used to efficiently dissipate the chassis.
Basic chassis parameters
Summary: The McKenzie K245L2 is a 19" standard rack-mount chassis, 2U high, which can be installed in a 600*600MM cabinet through rails for unified management. At the same time, the anodized brushed aluminum panel is to enhance the user's visual experience to a certain extent. High-performance hard disk storage maximizes the use of the chassis.