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Exquisite workmanship Macase 4K series explosives debut

  2019-08-09  Macase  

The 21st century is a new era of industrialization and information industrialization. The level of information is increasing, the information industry is developing rapidly, and the construction of electronic information networks is also in full swing. The chassis cabinet is the main safety equipment for the development of the industrial, electronic and information industries. The chassis cabinets have huge market opportunities in the era of information development. With the continuous deepening of social information, the key tasks of all walks of life will rely more and more on the server chassis. The development prospects of the server chassis market are very broad, conforming to the market trend, and the emergence of related enterprises is also numerous.
The server chassis is generally a computer case specially designed for industrial sites, and the industrial site generally has strong vibration, dust, and high electromagnetic field interference, and the general factory is continuous operation for one year. There is generally no rest in the middle, and the rationality of the heat dissipation structure is an important factor related to whether the computer can work stably. As a well-known server chassis manufacturing and technology leader in the country, McKenzie uses the best quality materials in the production of server chassis, from design to structural materials, from product development to manufacturing. To ensure that each product is of high quality, use quality to shape the brand reputation. Recently, McKenzie has developed the latest product of the 4K-118 server chassis. In addition to its advantages in heat dissipation, it is currently the most cost-effective server chassis.
The Micron's 4K series chassis has developed the most effective server chassis cooling solution. It uses an interactive cooling channel structure to dissipate heat: external low-temperature air is drawn into the server chassis by the 120mm high-speed ball fan on the front of the server chassis and the cooling holes on both sides of the server chassis. After the hard disk frame, north and south bridge chips, various boards, North Bridge chips.
When the server chassis is working, the internal drive of the server chassis, the hard disk, and the multiple fans in the chassis will vibrate at high speed, and the vibration can easily lead to misreading of the optical disk and damage to the hard disk track and loss of data, so the chassis Shock resistance is also the most critical structural design for McKenzie in the development of the new 4K-118 chassis.
Because of the internal requirements of the server chassis for corrosion resistance, electrical conduction, heat conduction, etc., the McKenzie 4K-118 server chassis damping system is entirely made of metal material, which is not only able to achieve the above requirements compared with the rubber material. It can play an anti-aging, heat-resistant role, and the solution of the McKenzie damping system has been well received by domestic and foreign customers.
When the host of the 4U server chassis is working, the motherboard, CPU, memory, and various boards will generate a large amount of electromagnetic radiation. If not prevented, it will cause certain damage to the human body. At this time, the chassis has become an important line of defense against electromagnetic radiation and protecting our health. The well-shielded Mykons 4K-118 server chassis also effectively blocks external radiated interference and protects the internal components of the computer from external radiation.
For the entire industry, every product technology revolution means a change, but this change is basically based on meeting the new needs of users. After all, with the development of technology, the needs of users are also changing. To keep up with this rhythm, we can get recognition from the market.