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Macase Industrial Control Branch shared: The industrial control chassis market is developing rapidly, and the industrial control chassis enterprises have broad prospects.

  2019-08-09  Macase  

Macase Industrial Control Branch shared: The industrial control chassis market is developing rapidly, and the industrial control chassis enterprises have broad prospects.
Macase Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development, production and sales of IT products. It is dedicated to the development and production of special computer accessories, industrial control chassis, server chassis and various non-standard cabinets. The industrial control chassis consulting hotline: Song Jianqing.
Macase Technology Co., Ltd. reports: With the deepening of social information, the key tasks of key industries will increasingly rely on industrial control chassis, and IPC-based low-cost industrial control automation has become the mainstream, local industrial control chassis manufacturers The attention received is getting higher and higher. With the rapid development of power, metallurgy, transportation, construction and other industries, from the digital home digital TV, to the bank teller machine, highway toll system, manufacturing line control, financial, government and other industries informatization needs continue to increase, on the industrial control chassis The demand for gradual increase has increased, and the market development prospects of industrial control chassis are very broad.
The industrial control cabinet, also known as the industrial control computer, is a general term for tools that use the bus structure to detect and control the production process and electromechanical equipment and process equipment. The industrial control chassis has important computer properties and features, such as computer CPU, hard disk, memory, interface, and has a control system, control network and protocol, computing power, and friendly human-machine interface. The products and technologies of the industrial control industry are very special and belong to the intermediate products. They are reliable, embedded and intelligent industrial computers for other industries.
Although the fieldbus-based FCS is developing very fast, and will eventually replace the traditional DCS, but FCS development has a lot of work to do. Another maintenance and modification of traditional control systems requires DCS, so FCS completely replaces the traditional DCS and requires a longer process.
At present, the industrial control cabinet is still produced with large systems, dispersed objects, and continuous production. The distributed control system with distributed system structure is still developing. Sales of large decentralized control systems have increased due to the development of open architecture and integration technologies.
Because of the development of standardized data communication lines and communication networks, various single-multi-loop regulators, PLCs, industrial ratios, NC and other industrial control equipments form a large system to meet the requirements of factory automation.
Because of the development of database systems, reasoning performance, etc., especially the application of knowledge base system KBS and expert system ES, artificial intelligence will be implemented at all levels of DCS. Similar to FF fieldbus, a microprocessor-based smart device.
Because the composition of this S becomes a major trend, PCs have become common as DCS control stations or node machines. PC-PLC, PC-S, 19, Pc-Nc, etc. are Pc-Dcs precursors.
DCS is more suitable for industrial applications, it is necessary to further understand the professional process and application requirements, in order to gradually form such a S, nuclear power plant DGS, glass DCS and cement DCS, etc.