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Macase Industrial Control Sharing: The server chassis industry will change dramatically, cloud computing will drive the market, and the server market will enter a new era.

  2019-08-09  Macase  

Macase Industrial Control Sharing: The server chassis industry will change dramatically, cloud computing will drive the market, and the server market will enter a new era.
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Macase Technology Co., Ltd. reports: According to analysts, public cloud and virtualization are expected to bring significant changes to the server market in 2014. The server white card supplier has risen with the Chinese cloud service market, and more users are not using the traditional server vendor solution, especially the introduction of high-density servers and micro-servers to provide customized solutions for users.
The performance of the US cloud computing market server is not chaotic. Although the overall server market is still growing, the growth rate is showing signs of slowing down. Market research firm Dell'Oro said that although the server market grew slightly in 2013, virtualization has already impacted the procurement model of server customers, and the private/public cloud solution has become a new choice for users.
In addition, the demand for cloud server will continue to grow, but the demand for servers in general enterprises will gradually decline. It is estimated that the server market will grow by only 2% and 4% in 2013 and 2014, mainly from the data center to obtain the most virtualization. Application service. The demand growth in the server market is mostly from the micro-server and high-density servers.
The server chassis industry will change dramatically, cloud computing will drive the market, and the server market will enter a new era.
Dell'Oro estimates that 14% of servers shipped to cloud applications in 2013, and increased to more than 20% in 2014, directly reducing the number of general enterprise procurement servers. In the future, enterprise servers will become smaller and smaller in the overall market; in this market, rack and blade server products will be mainstream, including Dell, IBM and HP, which are still the main drivers of the cloud computing market, and the cloud. The service area is the world of Google and Amazon.
Calxeda Product Roadmap
But now many manufacturers are turning to low-power servers, and 64-bit ARM core servers have not yet emerged. Among the leading vendors in the field, Calxeda left the market last month and abandoned ARM server development. It is understood that the reason for the poor operation of Calxeda is because the market expects 64-bit ARM server to be released soon, resulting in the elimination of the 32-bit version of the product.
According to a statistical presentation by the 2014 IC Market Drivers, the growth of the server market in the next few years will mainly come from the demand for micro-servers with newer and lower cost. The new generation of micro-servers is more widely used in data central and cloud computing, especially in the ARM core solution to enter the 64-bit server market.
High-density server demand is growing
As mentioned before, ARM core micro-servers are optimistic, but Intel's continuous efforts in the micro-server market are not to be underestimated. In the traditional server field, there have been other new types of competition and challenges. Customized server vendors have had an impact on traditional server vendors. Some cloud computing providers have switched from the original HP and IBM solutions to customized products. It is expected to grow further in the future.
Customize open computing standards to deploy servers
In the Internet field, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft are the four major customers of customized servers, but in the future, large cloud services will be launched in China, and Chinese users will tend to purchase servers from local suppliers, IBM, HP. Server vendors such as Dell will not only face the competition of white-label suppliers, but also the challenges of Chinese server vendors such as Inspur, Dawn and Lenovo.
High-density server demand is growing
In terms of core technology, Loongson, a Chinese IC design company, has been sampling 32nm process and 8-core Godson 3B1500 server chips since last year; this is the first commercial processor chip and is intended to be supplied to 10 Chinese server vendors. This move is one of the biggest threats to China's local servers for several established server vendors such as HP, IBM and Dell, which are actively operating the cloud computing market.
8 core Godson 3B1500 chip
In terms of server models, in addition to traditional rack and data central servers, high-density servers are a new type. In addition, blade servers and high-density servers are now moving to the cloud, especially systems such as high-density servers that are most economical, using a blade-like chassis design that interfaces with storage and network devices.
As a result, although the business will gradually migrate to the cloud, most of the time will remain on the rack server, and high-density servers will certainly grow in the cloud computing market due to unique design and application. Future users will choose any customized product to meet the needs of various application services. The rack server is the mainstream of the market, but the demand for high-density servers will also grow.
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