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With the development of Monitoring we have development many different kinds of hotswap server chassis can support 4-36 pcs 3.5" HDD.The back plane can support 6Gb/s and 12Gb/s  and the HDD trays with indicator can know the machine work well or not .Some model contains the USB 3.0 interface .All the HDD server were widely apply in storage and monitoring etc.


We have development the 1U with 4HDD tray,2U with 6/8/10/12 HDD tray,3U 16 bays ,4U 20/24/36 bays storage server chasssis,Different chassis can support the different requirement on the storage.The Hotswap trays adapter 2.5" SSD/HDD and 3.5" HDD.And we have different kinds of Hotswap try with different disign can offer .Besides the HDD machine was convinence for the upload because the HDD tray can do the update when the machine working .There have many model can support 12"*13" MB and 1U/2U/PS2/ redundant psu.Any else requirement can support customazied .