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2018 Ending Party and 2019 Welcome Party

  2019-08-09  Macase  

Shenzhen Macase Technology Co., Ltd. year-end welcome party was a complete success!
      ——Songs are old and the dance is congratulating the New Year.
    The cold wave detours, and the enthusiasm comes! On the night of December 31, 2018, the Shenzhen McKenzie Technology Co., Ltd. year-end welcome party was lightly opened.
   Tonight's Mikansi stars are brilliant, this is destined to be a passionate night, destined to be a night of ecstasy, destined to be all
An extraordinary night for members to have fun.
The company's development stems from strong leadership and the joint efforts of all members!
At the beginning of the party, with the warm applause, Mr. Wang, the general manager of our company, delivered a speech at the annual meeting.
The dance started to sound, and the first "The rest of the life" gave the audience a shock. The fusion of their songs,
All the audiences who are present in the scene are affecting the hearts of every audience.
   Then, the various programs took turns, and they were all colorful and glamorous.
"Heart Wall" allows everyone under the scene to indulge in it, and it makes people feel at heart;
The singer's exhausted feelings and songs of "Reminiscence of Youth" instantly hit the audience's atrium;
The straightforwardness of singing to the Self of the Future seems to smash my whole soul.
     The song ended, and then the "Social Shake" performed by the assembly department directly brought the atmosphere of the entire party to a climax, watching their dance.
Let the audience under the stage have a feeling of unconsciously jumping up.
A variety of wonderful performances, so that we can not extricate themselves.
Next, a variety of small games, party gifts, the gift is still quite rich!

The party ended in a beautiful "Grateful Heart" chorus, and the host gave a closing greeting with the music.
A perfect ending for this evening party.
I believe that it will be turned into a cup of syrup, sorrowful; I believe it will turn into a beautiful memory, lingering!
Prepare for discussion before the party

Party draw

Closed photo of the party