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Macase Technology Sharing: How to shield electromagnetic interference from industrial control chassis?

  2019-10-15  Macase  

The industrial control chassis is mainly used in harsh environments. However, if our industrial control chassis is subjected to electromagnetic interference during operation, it may cause some problems. Therefore, we should try to shield electromagnetic interference. How to shield electromagnetic interference from the industrial control chassis?
The method of electromagnetic shielding of industrial control chassis:
Our industrial control chassis will generate a lot of electromagnetic radiation when working. If it is not protected, it will cause certain damage to the human body. Therefore, we need to shield electromagnetic radiation to protect our personal safety. The well-shielded industrial control chassis can also be effective. The ground block external radiation interference to ensure that the internal components of the computer are not affected by external radiation.
At present, most of the industrial control cabinets will be punched in the necessary parts on the industrial control cabinet in order to enhance the heat dissipation effect, including the side plate holes of the cabinet, the air inlet holes of the exhaust fan and the exhaust holes of the exhaust fan, etc., so the shape of the holes must be Meet the technical requirements to block radiation.
The opening on the industrial control cabinet should be as small as possible, and the round hole with strong radiation resistance should be used as much as possible. In addition, the electromagnetic shielding of various indicators and switch wiring should be paid attention to. The longer connection line needs to be designed as a twisted wire, two wires. The bare soldered metal part of the end must be wrapped with a rubber sleeve, which also avoids the electromagnetic radiation generated by the electrical lines inside the chassis.