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Which is better for the server chassis? Distribution cabinet types and their functions

  2019-08-09  Macase  

With the continuous development of technology, the market for 1U server chassis and power distribution cabinets is also growing. For power distribution cabinets, we also need to know about it. What types and functions does the power distribution cabinet have? The role of the power distribution cabinet is power distribution control. It works by distributing electrical energy to various load locations. If a short circuit occurs, the overload and leakage will automatically turn off.
Our common types of power distribution cabinets include fixed panel power distribution cabinets, protective power distribution cabinets, drawer power distribution cabinets, and power lighting distribution cabinets.
A. Fixed Panel Power Distribution Cabinet The front panel of the panel is mainly used for shielding and opening and closing. The back and side are designed to be open and can be connected to live devices. Due to the very low degree of protection of the fixed panel power distribution cabinet, it can only be used due to some safety requirements.
B. Protective power distribution cabinets The protective power distribution cabinets have baffle seals on all sides of the installation surface. The cabinets of the protective power distribution cabinets are usually made of insulating materials, and the internal electrical components are isolated from the outside. Components and components Separated by guards. Therefore, it has a higher safety level and is suitable for power distribution devices.
C. Power lighting distribution cabinets are usually closed installation, and its safety level varies according to the application. Generally, the power lighting distribution cabinet is used in low-level power distribution equipment.
D. Drawer power distribution cabinet
The drawer type power distribution cabinet is made of steel plate and has drawers in the cabinet. All the electrical components are installed in the drawer to form a good isolation effect. Therefore, its safety should be said to be the power distribution cabinet. One of the most secure, it is suitable for centralized control distribution centers that require high safety.