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In the process of manufacturing the industrial control chassis, Miken Cisco introduced how to distinguish between good and bad chassis manufacturers.

  2019-08-09  Macase  

In the process of manufacturing the industrial control chassis, McKenzie introduced how to distinguish between good and bad chassis manufacturers.
In addition to the high quality of the core components such as the motherboard, hard disk, and CPU, the server and the industrial computer should protect the industrial control server chassis, and the components can not be ignored.
Determining the quality of an industrial server chassis depends on the manufacturer's ability to control every detail of the manufacturing and assembly process.
From the customer's need to provide the chassis, the manufacturer must fully cooperate to solve all technical problems, from design, chassis sheet metal stamping and the purchase of reliable cooling fans, installation, testing to package delivery process is very important. More specialized large-scale manufacturers are strict in every aspect.
When the customer asks for the demand, the business colleague and the customer analyze the problems encountered, and discuss the solution together, and then submit the customized design drawings to the engineering department. Because the customer will propose the modification during the design process, the design time will generally be 3- About 5 days.
After the sample is produced and confirmed by the customer, the planning department makes a production plan and starts mass production. In this process, high-quality materials are selected, machined (punching, bending, riveting, tapping, etc.), indicating treatment. Every production process needs to be controlled. After assembling each chassis component, the quality inspector will inspect the finished product and package it for delivery.
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